Monday, November 11, 2013

Asia Night

We decided every now and then we'll theme our dinners to get a taste of the world. On this special night we picked Asian food. Not only do we get to taste new cuisines it also gave us the chance to learn how to make it.

So for starters we went Japanese, this was a real task cos it was Sushi! Making sushi could be easy, if you're a professional! Which we're not, so here's our first time sushi!

Not bad for beginners hey?

For the mains, boyfriend picked it, we went with Chinese! Now I don't know how Chinese this really is, but... It was..... Sweet and sour chicken and noodles! Yum!

For dessert we would have done something Indian or Korean.. Who knows? But we were so full from the first two courses we skipped dessert and went straight to..... Yup you guessed it, fortune cookies! 

So... What says you? What theme should we go for next? I was thinking Iranian or Lebanese... 

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