Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Smartie Project: International School of Lusaka

Our bake sale was a huge success! We sold almost everything we had. We were left with 4 mini cupcakes out of 100s of baked goods. To this we owe a huge thank you to the International School of Lusaka for letting us set up a table and sell our cakes. We owe an even bigger thank you to the students and parents that came to buy our cakes. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed making them. This is definitely a good start for our fundraising project. We hope to get a little further with it. So thank you to everyone that came to buy cakes and thank you to those that assisted in the making of the cakes.

We managed to take some pictures of the preparations of the cakes so you can get a good look at what was on offer during the bake sale.
Preparing MiniCupcakes

Green & Yellow MiniCupcakes
Making the cupcakes colourful was our way of making them more appealing to the children. We also added sugar decor such as, footballs, crowns, Bloo (from Fosters Home of Imaginary Friends) and Lady Bugs. They loved them all.

Chocolate Cupcakes

We also appealed to the chocolate lovers by adding chocolate cupcakes.

Selling Cakes

The children loved our cake sale and we got very busy. It was a great sale and all the children were fantastic. Thanks for the help!

Cake Sale

Thanks so much for all the help we got during this bake sale! We hope to see you all again soon!

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