Friday, June 21, 2013

The Smartie Project: Lusaka International Community School


We just had a sale at  Lusaka International Community School (LICS). They had set up a little entrepreneur day, which was fantastic. We arrived at the school and prepared to set up, before we had all our containers open little people had crowded around the table insisting on buying what they could grab. They especially loved the small cupcake decor we made of the LICS logo.

We had a wonderful selection of cupcakes for this sale. We decided to add strawberry flavoured cupcakes to the collection. These young babies were loved by the kiddies. Even more so with the strawberry decor placed on top.

Another big hit were our cake pops. Who doesn't love cake on a stick?! :)

We owes huge thank you to the LICS community. Not just the faculty for allowing us to sell during their entrepreneur day, but also the student body for buying our goodies and helping us raise the money we need to help Kyle. So, thank you!

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