Sunday, March 3, 2013

A banana of a Snack Time

Coated Banana
Thinking of what to make for dinner can be quite a difficult task on its own. If you have a baby or a child that needs regular feeding (snacks) throughout the day you probably know what I mean when I say thinking of what to give them can become an annoying thing to do.

During my daughters mid-afternoon snack I couldn't quite decide what i should make her. I know she likes fruit and I know she likes toast. I already gave her a slice of toast as her mid-morning snack, so for the second one I decided to give her some fruit.

What fruit? and plain old fruit? hmmm... She likes banana, but she does get a little frustrated when she has to pick it up and it slips out her fingers. She is also very insistent on feeding herself. So I thought about coating it with something but I couldn't really think what. Eventually I had a plan...

Helping Herself
This is what I did...

2 scoops of formula (or cereal)
a couple pinches of bourbon vanilla powder
1 banana
Slice the banana. Put the dry ingredients in a small bowl and coat the banana with it. Then move to serving plate and serve. No need for any garnishing or special plating techniques.

Now watch your baby enjoy...
Messy fingers 

Tip: For older kids you can dip the banana in melted chocolate and roll in nuts or puffed rice cereal. Other fruits can be used too... They're sure to love it :)

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