Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jack in the Box Cake

Jack in the Box Cake
With my daughters 1st birthday coming up we have been looking for ideas on themes. I only really want a theme because I LOVE doing everything up to match. The most exciting part for me is the cake! Oh.. And the cupcakes! I love love love cakes and cupcakes :)

Recently for another little girls birthday we made a Jack in the box cake (1st attempt at a 3D cake) and she absolutely loved it! Although I don't really want a clown theme for my daughter I thought I would share the cake for you to see and try making it yourself (and probably improve a few bits and pieces).

I am still looking for ideas for my daughters birthday and as time goes on I hope I do find one (and fast).

Different Parts of Jack
I used a regular sponge cake, so use whichever recipe you would be happy with, and molding sugar icing. For the colouring I used gel food colouring.

That's the cake with a layer of butter cream (or icing) and my daughters toy :)

A layer of the icing fondant put over the cake ready to decorate

Parts of Jack on the cake

This was a very fun cake to make and very good for a firs attempt (I think anyway). Happy cake making! :)


  1. I love this Jack in a box cake...what an awesome idea. I havn't really seen anything like this before! Very exciting about your daughter's first birthday coming up...hope you find a theme you like soon. I decided on a butterfly for my daughter's 1st as it was bright and colourful. I have a few girls themes on my blog too that might spark some inspiration :-)

  2. disqus_3ik7hS8j78March 6, 2013 at 3:51 AM

    I love this cake! I agree it is very unique. I've always wanted to make a 3D cake with fondant but it's seems scary to me, like so much could go wrong! Plus I never really have the right occasion to make one. Good job :)