Friday, March 15, 2013

Spongebob Cake

Here's a cake we made for my daughters friends 1st birthday or my friends daughters 1st birthday :p
Her mum didn't have a clue what sort of cake to make her for her birthday so I came up with the idea of a spongebob cake. I thought of this because she was wearing little spongebob shoes.

For the cake I just made a regular chocolate cake and the frosting is your average butter cream frosting. So if you want to try this cake, just pick your favourite recipes :)

For spongebob I cut 4 rice cakes into the shape of his body, I sort of had to make it like brick laying when putting them together so that they wouldn't slide or do weird things. You can use chocolate or marshmallow fluff as cement.

Here's the picture used to create Spongebob

Spongebob being created

Spongebob getting dressed :)

Spongebob almost done

For his arms just roll out a thin sausage and squash the ends for hands, then add fingers by cutting little slits with a knife. For his legs do the same and make small fat sausages for his feet. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of his limbs, but they were fairly easy to make. If you want to try making Spongebob he is super simple to create. The sponge like holes I used a round ended stick with 3 sizes and prodded him all over to get that spongey effect.


  1. That's so sweet, I love your spongebob he is really well made and I am sure the whole thing tasted lovely.

    1. Thanks, he wasn't that difficult to make either! :)